Wish #2 comes true!

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Yesterday was the peak of the August meteor shower, but last night was a stargazing FAIL. The chairs outside were wet, Beren wanted to climb on me, Magdalena cried the whole time.  We did not stay outside very long and we didn’t see any shooting stars.

Tonight was a good night.  Beren didn’t nap today, so he went to sleep at 10:00.  I went outside and the chairs were dry.  Bert held Magdalena on the porch while I set up our star watching station.  I reclined the chair into the sunbathing position so I could see the sky.  Magdalena laid on my belly and we looked up.  She was wiggly, but surprisingly quiet.  Her weight on me reminded me of what it felt like to be pregnant with her.  I told her the stars shine for her.  I don’t usually lie to my kids, but she really does feel that special to me.  She’s more precious than all the diamonds in Africa, more important than all the endangered species in the world (yes, even the cute fuzzy ones), prettier than all the paintings in all the museums, and more exciting than seeing all the elephants in India dance.

I love to look at the stars.  Waiting for shooting stars is like fishing, except I’m looking into the abyss of space instead of the depths of the ocean.  Of course there’s no fishing pole or bait, but the idea’s the same.  You know they are there somewhere, you just have to wait long enough and be in the right place at the right time.  We were both barefoot so our shoes and socks wouldn’t get wet if we went wading in the stars.  It’s so big, you feel like you might fall in, not knowing what monsters the darkness conceals.

Magdalena alternated sitting and laying down on me.  We had a really nice time together.  We listened to the night sounds and cars going by.  There was some fog rolling in, so we had limited visibility after a while.  We saw three shooting stars.  The first one was exactly what I was hoping to see.  I could see the bright point of the “star” the whole time.  After it first appeared, a tail flared behind it.  It was purple and yellow light.  It was so impressive it was hard to believe it was silent.  I’ve only ever seen shooting stars like that one at this time of year.  That was the star I’d been waiting for.  So I made my most important wish, for peace for my family over my WSM.  We saw two more falling stars after that, but they were average ones.  I had already made my wish on the first star, so I told Magdalena I’d help her wish on the second one.  She wished for a happy babyhood.

I can see why people wish on falling stars.  They are so mysterious and magical.  Where are they going?  What are they doing?  What gods are manipulating them?  What cosmic forces are in effect to actually hurl the heavenly bodies through the sky?  I think the habit of wishing on the first star you see had something to do with Venus being the most visible star-like object just after sunset and praying to her for love, but I’m not clear on it.  I think this is a neat pagan tradition that has stuck around.

I could have stayed outside longer, but it turns out 45 minutes is about as long as a baby can be expected to stay out there.  I brought Magdalena in and put her on my bed so she could get ready for sleep.  I talked to her about the stars and I did her diaper.  I began removing her onesie and had her arms out of the sleeves.  All that remained was to pull it over her head, but she stuck her fist in her mouth and got the most mischievous grin.  I tried to move her fist so I could finish undressing her.  She thought this was the funniest thing ever, she was playing a joke on Mommy.  Then she had her first laugh.  It started in her eyes and she had a huge smile.  It was a great laugh, and both Bert and I were there to hear it.  Of course we started laughing too and we really got her going.  Baby laughs don’t sound like tinkling bells or music, but they are honest and joyful.  It’s the type of laughter that makes you want to laugh along with the baby.  It’s not forced or fake or reserved, as it can be with adults, but rather it’s the sound of happiness.  Babies hold nothing back when they laugh, and it makes you want to protect them from this world that will hurt them and damage that unmediated, joyful sound.  Her laugh is like a treasure.   I smiled and laughed with her until my face hurt.  Then she nursed and went to sleep, as if she didn’t know how beautiful her laughter was and how I’ll be awake for a long time remembering that moment.  I hope she laughs again tomorrow.

Here’s the moon tonight:


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  1. admin Says:

    PS- This is post #400 on my blog!

  2. jo Says:

    That sounded like a lovely evening. We should all stare at the stars more often. When you and I are contestants on Survivor we can do a lot of that!