Here we are! Part 3

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Argh!  Not enough time for blogging these days!  I started this post the day before yesterday!  Here are some pictures to help with the story:

We set up the tree the day after we moved here!

Christmas Tree

We let Beren pick out some shatter-proof ornaments:


To my knowledge, he has only broken 2 of them, and, to their credit, they did not shatter.

The day before yesterday I had to take the tree back down because Beren just can’t handle it.  I was okay with how he would take off each of the 50 ornaments every day and we would redecorate the tree each night.  The tree only fell over twice.  He couldn’t stop playing with the lights and wires though.  He was plugging things in himself, sometimes correctly, sometimes incorrectly, and definitely was not listening to me when I was telling him to stop.  The final incident was when he had something which I could not see and was inserting it into the outlet we used for the tree lights.  He ignored me when I shouted at him to stop as I was running for him and I was sure we were about to have a terrible accident.  The object was just one of those little plastic plug covers, so there was no disaster, but still.  I carried through with my threat to take down the tree, which felt really mean.  We’re going to try the tree again when Bert’s mother comes down to stay for a while before Christmas.

Pretend this picture is the memory of the ornaments, since they are now in a box in the closet:

ornaments 2

I think it must be very hard to be an enthusiastic 3 year old.  He was just so excited about the tree and interested in how the lights worked.  I need to find some way to get him to understand safety and caution though.

He did get to help me yesterday with the Christmas cards.  We also put some gifts in pretty boxes and stuck shiny who-tos on there and some ribbon.  This year we got all the kids and a few close family members the same thing, which made shopping easy.  With the cards completed and the gifts for people outside of my little family ready, I can sit back and get a few presents for the kids and otherwise pretend Christmas isn’t happening this year.


What’s that?  Why, yes!  The presents and cards in the picture are sitting on top of my new dryer, since it was not good for anything else at the time!

The day before yesterday a plumber came to look at things and he was so heavily accented that I had a lot of trouble understanding him.  He left and two more plumbers came yesterday at 8:30am.  They replaced a drain under the house that was broken and they fixed that thingy for the dryer!  Everything works now and I did so much laundry yesterday!

The end.

2 Responses to “Here we are! Part 3”

  1. Jo Says:

    Hooray laundry! You are way ahead of us in the Christmas department. We just got your card in the mail box! That is some fast mail! What a beautiful picture of the kids! Thanks!

    Abby was messing around with the lights today too. It is hard when they are SO INTERESTED in how things work! Abby is just now starting to get opinionated about music like you have been saying Beren is. She does not like sad melancholy Christmas songs! She likes the snappy ones.

  2. admin Says:

    Wow! Go USPS! The cards left my mailbox at about 1:30 the day before yesterday. So that’s less than 24 hours for your card to arrive! That’s actually pretty impressive when you think about how much Christmas volume they must have to deal with. Even Netflix isn’t that fast.

    I still feel bad about the Christmas tree, but I think taking it down for now was the right thing to do. It was a last resort, we tried plenty of other tactics to get him to be safe during the week we had it up. I just can’t seem to make him understand how badly he could be hurt if something went wrong.