Anniversary, sewing, and fireworks

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We have had a really nice weekend so far. Friday was our anniversary and by some incredible coincidence, both Bert and I were off work! We both had things to do, so Beren and I spent the morning running errands. Stop number one was breakfast at Donut Connection. Our Donut Connection closed, so we never have doughnuts anymore. So we had to stop when we saw one that was still open. They didn’t have a high chair that I could see, so Beren just sat beside me on the bench in the booth and ate his doughnut and drank his milk. What a big boy!

Then we backtracked a little to go to Fashion Bug to pick a few things up for my mom. We were surprised to find the store was permanently closed. I was just in the area shopping at Joann Fabrics with my cousin Aloysius last Monday and I didn’t recall it being closed then. A mystery! I was sure someone must know where another Fashion Bug lives and the place where I get my hair cut was right there, so I stopped in there. The girl cut my hair really short and I am so much cooler now. I asked her for directions to another Fashion Bug branch and she told me. Then she mentioned that it was horrible what happened to the local store. I envisioned fires, robberies, violent shootings and asked her to tell me the story. Corporate Fashion Bug decided to close that store, but they didn’t tell anyone. So one day everyone showed up to work and there were corporate representatives there. They shut down the computers and told everyone to go home and that they didn’t have jobs anymore. There was a truck waiting to take away all the merchandise. Isn’t that sad? It gave me shivers because I could all too vividly imagine Brandi and Matt showing up at the Morgantown BAM and pulling the same thing. The stylist told me they are all boycotting Fashion Bug now. I went to the other FB anyway because I really needed to pick up a few things for my mom. I’ll vote with my dollar some time when the weather doesn’t jump from really cold to freakin’ hot and a summer wardrobe doesn’t need to be purchased. They had a huge sign in the window that said they are hiring managers and sales associates. Why couldn’t they just have given all the employees the option to transfer to the store that isn’t closing? Corporations are scary, unethical things.

Then we went home and did things around the house until it was time to go out to dinner. My mom watched Beren and we went out alone. Dinner was at Red Lobster, which was surprisingly vacant for a Friday night. It was fairly quiet too. We had been planning a huge trip to Pittsburgh to do all these things, but it was hot and we didn’t have the energy. We’re going to do that some time when we have all day free. The food was good, I had a virgin bahama mama, and we talked about our cool little family and remembered our wedding day. After dinner we went to Barnes & Noble until it closed a couple hours later. Now that I don’t work in a bookstore, I really miss being in one. When we were walking in, Bert declared he wanted to look for the exact book that he does not yet know Beren ordered for him for Father’s Day. Luckily it wasn’t in stock, so it will still be a surprise for him next weekend. Even though Beren wasn’t with us, we still made a tour of the board book section and walked past the train set. We resisted buying lots of things for him though. At home we had a restless night because it was hot, Beren kept waking up, and sirens were going off constantly. I got some presents too. Bert got me a fancy journal to write my book in since my notebook is in pretty bad shape. He also gave me a game called Origin of Expressions. There are cards with phrases and expressions written on them and you have to guess how that saying came to be. I think you can try to confuse your opponents with a false origin too. It is for 3+ players, so we haven’t gotten to play yet. How long until Beren’s old enough for games?

Yesterday we got up at 6:30 thanks to my little alarm clock that wakes up determined to be fed immediately when the sun comes up. I got all my sewing stuff together, dropped my mom off at work, and then went to my aunt’s house for a day of sewing. Beren had a great time running around and visiting with his great aunt, great uncle, great grandmother, and cousin. I got some sewing done, but not as much as I’d hoped. I made a serious mistake on one of Beren’s tunics for Pennsic ( and spent a while covering it up with an embroidered ribbon. I think it looks fine now. And even if it’s not perfect, he’s one and a half, so I don’t think anyone will notice and he certainly won’t mind. My uncle got Beren down for a nap and he shifted over to my grandmother’s lap halfway through his rest. I think she liked that, but that must have been really hot! Beren really puts out heat on days like this, especially when he’s up against you. We had an extremely good dinner that my aunt made. Beren spent all day eating her blueberries and he wasn’t very hungry at dinner. That boy loves him some blueberries, and who can blame him?

After dinner we headed to the Callery Carnival, which is the volunteer fire department’s street fair near my dad’s and aunt’s houses. I’ve been going to this carnival every year for as long as I can remember. I have to admit I have long since stopped looking forward to it with the excitement I once felt. Seeing Beren there last night gave me back a little of that childhood wonder and I was able to remember what it was like. He was bursting with excitement over the rides, the game booths, the music, everything! He was almost giving off bubbles and electric sparks, and he didn’t even know what half the attractions were. He tried so hard to remember to hold my hand or Grandpap’s hand, but sometimes it was just too much and he’d have to run after something or go look at the things that were going on. He was very patient while I gave him a hot dog to eat, although he kept turning around in his chair to watch the Chuck-a-Luck wheel spin, its patrons’ faces rising and falling with hope and disappointment, or excitement and the thrill of a win. Then we split some delicious pink cake.  And then we had some pumpkin cake.

We were pleasantly surprised to see my brother, his wife, and their 3 month old daughter, Lily, there. Lily is growing quickly and she is so cute. I think she enjoyed herself, but she needed to nap for a while from all the excitement. When Beren saw her, he tried to share his water with her by pushing the sippy cup to her mouth. Good thing it’s a soft spout…

There was a bandstand with an oldies cover group jamming away. Beren longed to join the other kids dancing in front of the stage, but my overly cautious nature made me keep him away from the speakers and their absurd decibel level. He was able to dance further back and they did several songs that he recognized, with the one about Sloopy being the most notable.

His eyes were wide as we made our way through the booths. Vendors hawked their wares, such as wooden roses, and attendants beckoned to us to come close and try our luck. Then we found the merry-go-round. I was very nervous, but Grandpap took Beren on his first ride. Beren selected a horse and knew just how to sit in the saddle. He held onto the pole and Grandpap held onto him. I was just certain my toddler would get dizzy, then panic, follow with some throw up, and then fall off the ride, but he did a great job. He was squealing and smiling before his horse had even gone up and down once. He kicked it with his heels, urging it to go faster around the turns of some imagined race track. I tried to get a few pictures, but they turned out very blurry. I’ll always remember it though.

They had a huge professional fireworks display. They were Lily’s first fireworks and she watched them with amazement from Grandpap’s lap. Beren sat with me and I loved the range of reactions he had. Fireworks must be like dinosaurs. They are huge and terrible and loud, but in that they are truly awesome and wonderful and beautiful. Yes, he was scared of the noise and he held onto me throughout the display, but he also couldn’t help but stare and issue little “oooohhhs” and “aaaaaahhhhs” with the rest of us. I wonder which kind were his favorite. Some seemed designed simply to be loud. I think that is a bit redundant somehow. We can already see that the explosion dominates the sky. It’s bigger than us, it’s powerful, it’s full of deadly grace. We don’t need an extra boom to understand that. The ones that are nearly silent and go off with just a little poof and then spider across the sky are my favorites. The ones that fall forever and look like a weeping willow before fading, with gold flakes and stardust nearly falling on our upturned faces are what a firework should truly be. I wonder if Beren understood that these were man-made things and not something that naturally happened. He pointed and said “sky.” I’ve seen the sky do some pretty incredible things that are just as beautiful and scary as the fireworks, like the roaring funnel clouds whipping with wind and rain and malicious fury near Flatwoods. Or the purple and silver lightning that moved up the clouds and lingered, spectacularly intense, like a world tree. Or the shooting stars blazing across the sky that Bert and I wished upon for Beren while I was pregnant with him. If things like clouds, the sun, the moon, and the stars are possible, maybe it’s conceivable to a young mind that fireworks are some naturally occurring creature which we were privileged to see. It seemed like an unreal summer night and I wished my sister could have been there with us.

Today we’re back in reality and it’s a hot one. Beren and I played “swimming pool,” where we both sat in the bathtub and played with tub toys in cool water. We might have to head back for round two after dinner…

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  1. jo Says:

    I loved your descriptions of the carnival and Beren watching the fireworks. Hooray!

    Happy Anniversary!

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