Radio Controlled Lightning McQueen has blown a tire!

Posted by admin on June 19th, 2010 filed in Beren, General, Neat things, Toys

At the mall last night, we found a radio controlled Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars marked down from $29.50 to $5.99.  Beren was like, “Can we get this?” and Bert and I were like, “YES!!”   So we took it home and got it out of a crazy amount of packaging.  I played with it for about 30 seconds while the kids chased little Lightning around and then it was someone else’s turn.  Bert didn’t get to play with it for long, either, before Beren wanted to try.  He was surprisingly good at controlling it.  We left him alone to play with it while I checked email and got Maggie ready for bed.  Less than half an hour after being opened, Radio Controlled McQueen “blew a tire” (aided by Beren) and needed a pitt stop.  To be fair, McQueen’s exploding tires are an important part of the movie and at least two of Beren’s McQueen toys are designed to have broken or removable tires.  In this case, Beren just had to really pry the tires off and disable the little thing that hooks the wheels up to the steering mechanism before McQueen could faithfully act out his famous race scene from the movie.  The downside was that RC McQueen didn’t go so well after that, and that was particularly traumatic so close to bedtime after a really busy day.  So this morning I gave McQueen his pit stop and got all the little thingies hooked back up.  It took some work.  He now goes again and we can steer him.  Hopefully Beren can resist pulling the wheels off again.

Update:  Beren woke up and came out to find me.  No ‘good morning’ or anything like that.  He just came over to hug me and in his sweet, sleepy Beren voice said, “I was wondering if you fixed Lightning McQueen.”  Awwww!  It’s so nice to have a Beren.  He must have been worrying about his new toy all night.

PS – This is, like, the most new toys we’ve gotten all at once in a long time.  I think if I see any other clearance toys, I’ll have to get them and save them for birthdays or Christmas.  Between our RC toys (someone is getting a helicopter for Father’s Day) and the train set, we’re getting spoiled!

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9 Responses to “Radio Controlled Lightning McQueen has blown a tire!”

  1. Travis Says:

    I want a helicopter…

  2. admin Says:

    All Bert had to do to get a Father’s Day helicopter was produce two children!

  3. Travis Says:

    Time to start makin’ some calls.

  4. admin Says:

    I meant he had to father and raise two children! Adoption would also be acceptable, but it’s the fathering part that is important. It was a not-so-subtle hint to all the guys out there that maybe they too could have helicopters if they started making some little friends for my kids to play with. It does not count if you simply “produce” a child through whatever dishonest, unwholesome, and likely illegal means you were thinking of. So there.

  5. Travis Says:

    I was actually talking about calling up various womens to see about… things. But I’m sure I could also get a helicopter through dishonest, somewhat illegal child procuring. Maybe two.

    Or I’ll just go buy one.

  6. Travis Says:

    Buy a helicopter, not a child.

  7. admin Says:

    Uh-huh. Sure. Does your wife know about this?

  8. Travis Says:

    Why does she need to know?

  9. admin Says:

    Dunno. I would want to know if my husband was calling women about “things” and trying to illegally procure children.

    Really, though, tattling to the wife is my last line of defense when I’m all out of argument.

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