Megan, the food snob failure

Posted by admin on July 9th, 2010 filed in Exercise and nutrition, Food, General

You know how the worst kind of blogging is an inane cataloging of what you ate and what you got at the store and what bills you paid and then you brushed your teeth?  Please review my grocery store purchase from the other day with me.  It is typical of what I usually buy.

One half pound ground sirloin from the meat counter.

One pound Black Forest ham from the deli ($9/lb, what?!).

Mexican Coca-Cola

Garbonzo beans

Vidalia onions

Green peppers



Two pounds cherries

a couple other fruits and veggies

One box white quinoa

Two half gallons almond milk

Annie’s organic macaroni and cheese


a few other things along those lines, like healthy things




It’s like I negated all the weird good stuff with the addition of the sugary processed foods.  I don’t understand how my tastes run to such extremes.  I like the fresh foods because they taste better and don’t make my stomach hurt so much.  And I love the junk food because I LOVE JUNK FOOD, even if it makes my tummy ache!

So I wish I could just eat healthy foods.  Here’s a look at the quinoa we tried.  The super grain of the future (it said something like that on the box):

It was actually pretty good.  Maggie and I ate a lot of it with scrambled eggs and tomatoes.  Then we put the rest into stuffed peppers:

They were excellent and I forgive them for giving me horrible heartburn.

One Response to “Megan, the food snob failure”

  1. Travis Says:

    Looks a lot healthier than my usual shopping spree.