Ibff conversation

Posted by admin on July 9th, 2010 filed in General

I believe I’ve mentioned my imaginary bff, or ibff, with whom I pretend to have conversations.  Here’s one from today.

Ibff, at front door:  Hi, Megan!  I am here, as we discussed on the phone, since I would never drop by without giving you advance warning.

Megan:  Come in.

Ibff:  I brought you homemade brownies with cheesecake and raspberries and extra chocolate on them, since I know that would help you control the hormonal mood swings.

Megan:  Thank you, ibff.  Have a seat.

Ibff:  So today is your day off, which means last night was like your Friday night.  Did you and Bert do anything fun, like going out to dinner or seeing Toy Story 3?

Megan:  It was fairly late when we got the kids down, so we stayed in.  We finally finished watching the second season of True Blood, had an enjoyable time critiquing it, and then had a contest before bed to see which one of us could pull off the best 80s hair without the aid of hairspray.  I won, of course.

Ibff:  Um, congratulations.  Isn’t that a little weird?

Megan:  No.  That’s fairly normal behavior for us.

Ibff:  Okay, sure.  Anyway, speaking of weird hair, I noticed something strange when I got our of my car near your parking area.  There seems to be some sort of human hair attachment just hanging out on the ground out there.

Megan:  Yeah, I’ve seen that thing.  It’s pretty gross, huh?  It wasn’t so bad in the winter, since it was under all that snow.  But now we can see it, since there is a heat wave and no snow.

Ibff:  Have you thought about, you know, getting rid of it?

Megan:  Yeah!  I totally wish it would go away, but then I would have to touch it.  And figure out what to do with it.

Ibff:  You could just kick it into the street, neighbor’s yard, or ditch down the way.

Megan:  Nah.  I wear sandals.  It might touch my foot.

Ibff:  You could use a stick to move it.

Megan:  That would work, but the stick pile is waaaay in the back corner of the yard and I’d have to walk all that way, and you know, I’m lazy.  Plus there are probably snakes.

Ibff:  Aren’t you worried that the kids will get it?

Megan:  Nope.  It’s all the way out there by the road and the kids only get to play in the fenced-in back yard.

Ibff:  You could –

Megan:  Look, ibff.  In just a few months the snow will be back and the nasty hair won’t bother us anymore.  I think you’d better go home now.

Ibff:  You are right, as always.  I will bring you more chocolate next week.

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