VernQuarBoWriMo v. Oops 47%

Posted by admin on July 23rd, 2010 filed in General, VernQuarBoWriMo, Writing


42346 / 90000 words. 47% done!


41576 / 90000 words. 46% done!

Even though the book is awful, Bert thinks it’s probably not that bad and I should not delete it.  I guess he’s right.  Maybe.  Everything I’ve done so far is backed up and stored in the safe, which is fire proof and water proof.  So it’s safe.  For now.  Bert wants me to hit 50% before I start working on Pennsic stuff (like sewing and packing and panicking, oh my!).  I will see if I can do it.  I’ve already kind of switched gears from BOOK! to PENNSIC!  For now, this scribbling woman is going to watch a movie and fall asleep.

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5 Responses to “VernQuarBoWriMo v. Oops 47%”

  1. Rambler Says:

    You can totally do it. And please never, never, never delete a work! You never know how good or bad it is until you’ve spent some time away from it, and even if it is “bad” now, it is just a draft…there is always potential there.

  2. Rambler Says:

    PS: How’re the Pennsic plans going? 😉

  3. admin Says:

    Pennsic plans are coming along. My vacation time was finally approved, three full weeks after I submitted my request. So I’m off August 6th through 15th. We’ll be at Pennsic as soon as possible after I get done with work on the 5th. I’m thinking it’ll be the evening of the 6th or morning of the 7th.

    I’m not really going to delete it. I was mostly fishing for support and compliments . I imagine the urge to delete is fairly common among writers.

  4. stacey Says:

    i was promised a book to proof read! please do not delete. just finishing the book is bound to be a good learning experience. we believe in you megan, you should too.

  5. Rambler Says:

    Woohoo! Hope to see you there!

    Actually, I much prefer the urge to scribble all over pages a wide-tipped sharpie and/or consign them to a campfire, but I have yet to give in.