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UPDATE:  Okay, I’ve applied!  Thanks for your input!

I found a library job posting today and I am excited to apply.  It specifies that the candidate needs a degree, must be able to work in a busy library setting, has good customer service skills, has knowledge of current books and an understanding of genres, and some familiarity with new technology and experience editing a webpage.  Does that sound like me or what?  I made a quick draft of a cover letter.  What do you think, any suggestions?  Would you hire me?

To whom it may concern:
I am interested in the Library Assistant I position posted on CLP’s job bulletin. My resume is attached for your review.  I am available to start as early as 5/30/11.  I would appreciate your consideration for this job opening.

I feel I would be a good candidate.  I am comfortable in a library, both on my feet and behind a desk.  Based on my experience at previous jobs, I consider myself a team player.  I have also found that I can work independently and with little direction.  I am always ready to learn something new or accept new training.

My education has prepared me for a position like this one.  I hold a Bachelor of the Arts in English from the University of Pittsburgh, where I graduated Summa cum Laude.  There I studied classic and contemporary fiction and non-fiction, including different genres.

Since graduation, I have held retail jobs that gave me applicable skills.  At both Books-A-Million and Target, customer service was a top priority.  I am used to interacting with the public in a busy setting or over the phone and meeting their wide array of needs.  At Books-A-Million, it was my responsibility to assist costumers by making reading recommendations and finding the books they needed in the store.  That required navigating the store’s database, having knowledge of different genres, authors, and titles, and understanding how the books were shelved.

Since my time at the bookstore, I have continued to keep up with current information on authors, new releases, and trends in fiction and non-fiction.  In fact, I am so interested in the exciting world of publishing that I am a fairly prolific amateur writer.  In addition to producing my fiction, I have been the author and administrator of a personal web log for nearly four years.

Books have long been my passion, they formed the basis for my education, and now I enthusiastically anticipate them being my career.

I appreciate your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. jo Says:

    Looks great to me! What a perfect job for you! I am sending my very best vibes!

  2. admin Says:


  3. Youjane Says:

    A day late but I like it, especially the end bits. But I always looked for enthuaism for a job, so I’m biased.