Dr. Megan sews the pillows

Posted by admin on May 30th, 2011 filed in Arts & Crafts, General, Projects, Sewing

Last week the kids started their summer program, which they’ll attend on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next couple months. There was a somewhat daunting list of things we had to provide for them, including pillows for nap time. We got all the items, packed them up, and sent them off with the kids last week. The ladies who run the program sent the pillows back home and were all, “These are too big. Try again.” I spent $15 on those pillows and pillow cases! They were standard size pillows, nothing huge. I’m trying to play nice with these people, so I knew I had to come up with some smaller pillows before tomorrow. I couldn’t go spend more money on smaller pillows, though. I priced them, it was $10 plus whatever they wanted for covers. Not happening!

I’m crafty! I decided I would alter one of the existing pillows so it would become two smaller pillows. It would be simple, I thought. I’d cut one of the pillows in half, sew up the seams, and have small pillows.

The cutting part went okay. I measured, and then cut the top layer of fabric. Inside, the filling was strange and interesting. It didn’t just push to the side like I thought it would. It needed to be cut, a little at a time. As I sliced deeper, I pretended I was some macabre doctor doing an autopsy or black market operation on my dining room table. Instead of a scalpel, my 9 inch super sharp Gingher scissors parted the pillow’s internal layers of fat and organs. It was lucky for me that pillows don’t bleed. Finally I the operation was over and my pillow was separated in two, like I’d just successfully liberated conjoined twins so they could be two autonomous people.

I shoved all the filling over to one side and pinned the open end shut. “Sucks to be you,” I told the pillow. We don’t use anesthetics or analgesics on the patients in Dr. Megan’s office! It was time to sew. I thought it would be easy. It was not. It was actually quite a struggle. I decided it was probably due to the pillow’s pain as I performed the operation. The filling kept expanding, the fabric kept pulling, the bulk of the pillow kept getting in the way on the sewing machine, and today was stupidly hot. Finally I had the two pillows stitched up. Then I converted the pillow cases to fit the new, little pillows. They were so cute! And with the case on, you couldn’t see the not-so-even job I did on the pillows themselves. There I had it, two little pillows, about 13 inches by 23 inches. Go Mommy, who is clever and wise in the sewing/pretend medical arts!

Then Bert came down and told me that the pillows were still too big.

Too bad! We’re paying these people an incredible sum of money. I’m the client here. They can accept the pillows and like it, dammit!

2 Responses to “Dr. Megan sews the pillows”

  1. jo Says:

    Those pillows look great! I might do that for Abby’s bed. It is hard to find little person pillows, and they are expensive. I ordered one online for 14 bucks and it is a little too flimsy.

  2. admin Says:

    They kept the pillows this time, so they must not have been too big. Or maybe they didn’t want to fight with me.

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