Suxxors! (That’s the opposite of “Roxxors!” and “Roxxors!” is what the kids are saying these days, right? Man, I’m getting out of touch with the young people lingo. What? No one says “lingo” anymore? Ugh.)

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Rage Megan is enraged! A book I want came out today. I would say it is my second most anticipated release of the year. The story is great. It’s the right mix of mythology, adventure, and romance. I adore the authors. I frequently email them questions about writing and publishing and they give me helpful and lengthy responses every single time. I was excited to buy this book, to say the least. So off I went, a couple hours ago! And here I am, three stores later, with no book! It was the same story at each place. They had some on order, but for some unknown reason, they haven’t received them yet. Barnes & Noble and Borders assured me that all other branches of their chains in the area did not have any copies either. So no book for me.

I know this sounds whiny, but I feel justified in my disappointment. Some people go to the midnight showing of movies on their date of release for fun. I go buy books the day they come out for fun. You might recall about a week ago I said I wasn’t going to read any more books until this one came out so I could maybe get a few things done. It was difficult to resist starting a new book or two, but I did it. And what did I do for that week? I wrote a freakin’ 20 page steampunk short story, that’s what! I’m ready for a little break. Bert’s at school and the kids are at their program, so I was going to get the book and lay around in the air conditioning and probably just read it from cover to cover.

Well, I’ve waited a year for this book. I can wait a few more days. Maybe B&N will have it by Thursday and I can read it then.

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  1. Travis Says:

    I understand your frustration. It happens a lot to me with new ablums from bands I like. Absolutely cannot find them in stores the day they come out. Now I almost always order direct from the artist, and usually get a signed cd from it. My most recent one even had a personalized post it note.

  2. admin Says:

    I kind of enjoy the act of going to the bookstore and having an actual book to read, at least for the top releases on my list. Last year book 4 of this series came out on Maggie’s birthday. I took her with me to pick it up and we had a blast. She picked up her favorite lovie, Hello Kitty, that day. If I didn’t care about having an actual book, I would ask Aloysius to borrow his Kindle, since e-books aren’t out of stock. E-books would be fine for most books I read, but in this case, I want a physical copy. It pleases me to see the full set on my shelf, and it’s easier to lend to friends.

    That’s awesome that you can get a signed copy that way. I am fairly sure these authors will sign books you send them if you provide return postage. Also, they have designed bookplate stickers that you can print yourself on label paper, mail to them, and then they’ll sign and return it. Then you can have fancy autograph stickers in the front of all their books for a fraction of the shipping cost.

    They are having a huge signing tonight. I wish I could go to Oregon.

  3. admin Says:

    Oh! I have another story. A few years ago I wanted to get Bert a signed book for his birthday. I contacted Robin Hobb, an author we both like, and asked what I would have to do to get an autographed book. It turns out I just had to pay for the book and tell her who I wanted it made out to. I don’t think I even paid for shipping. A few days later, Bert got a package with a gift wrapped personalized signed book AND a birthday card! How awesome is that?

  4. Jo Says:

    I feel your pain. I have been miffed about Five Guys for almost five months.

    Shattered expectations, that’s all!

    I wish you could go to Oregon too! Will they be doing a tour? Are they on FB?

  5. admin Says:

    I wish they could do a tour! The last they commented on it, they were not expecting to do a tour any time soon. Since they are a husband/wife writing team, it would be twice as expensive for two people to go on the road and they’d have to make arrangements for their kids while they were gone. I can understand that. If I’m ever a big writer, I think I’d rather spend my days writing than touring. I mean, maybe a convention here and there would be fun, but not a tour that would take a lot of time. Well, maybe if it was sponsored… Okay, I’d better go write something, since that will never even have a chance of happening until I get some books published.

  6. admin Says:

    Also, an update. I stopped by a different Barnes & Noble and they expect the books to come tomorrow. They have my number and will call when they arrive.

  7. jo Says:

    I hope they do! It is fun to look forward to something so much!