Family Fun Run/Walk for Epilepsy 2011

Posted by admin on June 7th, 2011 filed in Exercise and nutrition, General, Life List

I’m participating in an exciting event on the 25th of this month – The Family Fun Run/Walk for Epilepsy 2011! I have two nephews who are affected by epilepsy, and there are many, many more people out there with this condition who need our help. This should be a fun time, and also very beneficial to people in our community. Running in a 5K is on my Life List, but this time, I think I’m probably going to walk. I didn’t start training in time to actually run the whole thing. Anyway, if anyone would like to join our team, Team S (for Sebastien and Sam), let me know! It’s free to join and we’ll have a good time. I believe you can also sign up to walk in your own town on the day of the run if you live far away. And of course, you can donate. I have set up a page that will keep track of donations for me. Please check it out and contribute if you can. Megan’s Page. I don’t want anyone to feel obligated. If you are able to sponsor me and would like to do so, I would greatly appreciate it. If you can’t do it at this time, that’s okay, too! You can also look at my team’s page and see our progress: Team S.

2 Responses to “Family Fun Run/Walk for Epilepsy 2011”

  1. Youjane Says:

    When’s the deadline?

  2. admin Says:

    Well, I’m not sure when the official deadline is. The event is on 6/25, so let’s say that all donations should be made on or before 6/24.