A boy amongst the melons!

Posted by admin on June 18th, 2011 filed in General, Summer

I had planned to do things today! Things outside the house, with the kids! Slowly my plans failed, one by one. Lynn was in East Brady, Mom was babysitting, Barb and family were camping, Chris was heading out, everyone else lives far away. Okay, not that far really, but far enough with gas being so expensive. So it would just be me and the kids today. That’s fine. We have fun together.

First, I thought we’d go pick strawberries, since it’s strawberry season. Every farm I called said they were already out of strawberries and it had been a light crop because of the weather. I thought about picking blackberries and raspberries, which are ready at one farm, but I was worried about kids + thorns = bad. The price wasn’t that great, either. No big deal, we’ll wait for the safe to pick/great to eat blueberries that’ll be along in a week or so.

Then I thought we could go to the aviary, since the literature I had indicated we could get into other zoos that were members of the zoo association for free with our family membership. Not so with the aviary! Even though they are on the list and a participant in the zoo association, they said we would have no discount in admission because the aviary was within a 60 mile radius of the zoo where we are members. Wha? No matter. We’d find something else to do.

By the time we got lunch ready and eaten, and kids dressed, it was afternoon. I thought we’d best get a move on. I took the kids to Giant Eagle to get their free cookie. Cookie cards are the best!

Then we stopped at a produce market. They had a lot of live plants, as well as fresh fruits and veggies. Beren and Maggie had fun stomping puddles and looking at everything. They had amazing self restraint as they did not eat the berries and fruits that were right there at eye level for them. The kids convinced me that watermelon was absolutely the best way to celebrate Father’s Day tomorrow, so we got one. My little ones even posed for several pictures for me!

Here’s a neat one where Beren’s shirt is the same colors as the watermelons, and it’s like a little watermelon dragon is hiding in there.

On the way home, were were stopped at a traffic light beside another car. In the car, a couple was fighting, loudly. They were screaming, swearing, and name calling with such a degree of anger and ferocity that makes me think Bert and I have never had a real fight. We have the occasional venting at each other, but nothing like this. Needless to say, I put the windows up in hopes of dampening their shouts. I did it as unobtrusively as possible so as not to attract their attention. I needn’t have worried. I probably could have yelled at them with as much volume as they were using on each other and they wouldn’t have heard me. Unfortunately, we could still hear them! It really upset the kids, and it was the longest light ever. Afterward, the kids were still pretty worried, so I talked to them about it. How to explain that? I don’t think those people were going to be in a relationship any longer. I didn’t want to worry the kids further by trying to tell them that sometimes people stop loving each other and start to be unhealthy for each other. Kids are especially good at applying all new concepts to themselves, and I didn’t want them to think it was possible we’d stop loving them some day and start fighting like that. I stuck with a simple explanation. First, I reminded them that sometimes they feel angry, and pointed out even adults feel that sometimes, too. These adults were just expressing their anger very loudly and maybe that was how that couple worked out their problems. Everyone does things differently. Beren and Maggie seemed to accept that. Sometimes they think about things for a while. Hopefully they’ll ask questions later if they have them.

Overall, a good outing. And we are +1 watermelon for tomorrow.

3 Responses to “A boy amongst the melons!”

  1. Jo Says:

    Geez, that stinks about the Aviary! I think if you buy your zoo pass at the Oglebay Zoo next year, you will still get into the Pittsburgh Zoo free, and it will cover the Aviary as well, since it is far enough away.

  2. Youjane Says:

    That shirt matches well enough to almost be a Magic Eye picture.

  3. admin Says:

    Jo – That’s what we were thinking! I’ll check it out for next year!

    YouJane – They offered to let me put him in the bin with the watermelons. Imagine how cool that would have looked! I had visions of my 43 pound son stomping and like 50 $5 watermelons exploding and needing to be paid for… So he got to sit beside the melons for his super cool picture.

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