My son has embraced sarcasm.

Posted by admin on October 3rd, 2008 filed in General, Parenting

Beren and I love to watch music videos on YouTube.  Sometimes we just listen to our favorites and other times we have theme days, like Cover Day, Classic Rock Day, or Movie Soundtrack Day.  Today I played a few songs that are always hits with Beren and then I put on Rock Lobster.  He watched the whole B52s video without comment.  He didn’t sing along with his own lyrics.  He didn’t dance to the beat.  At the end, he looked at me with a straight face and, in a level, unexcited voice, said, “Wooooooow.  Key-do.”  The tone was definitely sarcastic.  The look he gave me, which I’ll probably see often during his teenage years, and the phrase clearly translated to “Wow.  I did not know how lame parents really are until this very moment.”  Sarcasm!  Before his second birthday!  Where do you think he learned that?!

One Response to “My son has embraced sarcasm.”

  1. Jo Says:

    I have used “key-do” several times today, most successfully to describe the horrible boring performance of the Gators playing football. It works wonderfully! I think Beren is really coming into his own person now. It is amazing to think that you will recognize this look and expression in him when he is 15, 25, 55…

    And we have inflicted Rock Lobster on Abby dozens of times! HA! I will have to let you know her own version of “Key-do” when the time comes.