Mass Ascension! Mass pictures!

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The mass ascension happened shortly after the sun came up. The park filled with balloons and people. There was a countdown and the announcer said, “Let them fly!” And they did! We heard there were over 500 balloons in attendance this year, but only 333 could fit on the field at a time. Here are some pics:

This balloon is inflating in preparation for takeoff.

This is the top of a balloon. Isn’t that flap interesting? As you can see, there are gaps in it, so the balloon must not need to be completely air tight to fly.

Up they go!

Many balloons came in special shapes! Behold SPIDER PIG! He’s a piggie dressed like Spiderman!!!

It was exactly as cold as it looks like it is in this picture.

This was one of my favorite balloons:

I think the Dos Equis XX balloon ended up being my very favorite:

Stage coach!

There’s Dos Equis again!


Also, Boba Fett and some storm troopers were there. I saw pictures of a Darth Vader head balloon, but I do not know if it was there this year.

Look! It’s fruit head lady!

Here is another of my favorites:

I love the fabric hanging off this one:

Stay tuned for pictures of the night glow!

4 Responses to “Mass Ascension! Mass pictures!”

  1. jo Says:

    Paisley was my favorite!

  2. Drew Says:

    Spider pig is fan-bleeping-tastic (not sure of the rules, but I’m trying to keep it PG-13).

    I think my personal favorite, though, is the mostly red checkered one with the fabric draped on all sides. Overall aesthetics, that’s the one I like best.

  3. Travis Says:

    If I was there, I’m pretty sure I would have said “Screw the balloons, I’m hanging with the Fett.” I think the Dos Equis balloon is my favorite.

  4. Ron! Says:

    Hmmm. I didn’t see the simpsons movie, but that one balloon reminds me of Spider-Ham, a parody comic they published back in the day. Spider-Ham was more anthropomorphic though.