Some happy things

Posted by admin on April 18th, 2012 filed in General, Lego, Neat things, Pennsic

I’ve been having an awful time at work and my day is almost always ruined long before the time I clock out. I’m not sure what to do about this. For now, here are a few things that make me happy.

1. My new coat! For next winter! It was on clearance for $10 at Sears and it was originally a $200 coat.

2. I won a give-a-way from Loriann’s Etsy shop! Look at this cool Pennsic garb I’ll have: Gown from Loriann.

3. Check out this awesome unicorn Beren made from Legos!

There. I feel a little happier now.

How about you? What makes you happy when work is crappy?

13 Responses to “Some happy things”

  1. kenny Says:

    Well i cant find you on facebook – if you twitter which is cool, i am @thegakk – do you know your facebook url like i gave you? – you can reply to my email

  2. kenny Says:

    P.s. nice coat

  3. Travis Says:

    That is a nice coat for 10 dollars. Don’t really use coats much, but I know I bargain when I see it.

    I saw where you won that thing on facebook. Congrats. I’ve been digging around here and found my spaulders and tunic. And no, I’m not going to Pennsic.

    Does that unicorn have a tumor on its horn? Poor unicorn.

  4. admin Says:

    You have Pennsic garb! YOU NEED TO GO TO PENNSIC! You would have so much fun!

  5. Travis Says:

    Pennsic needs to be held in winter, then I would have fun.

  6. admin Says:

    So you want to try Frostburn?

  7. Ron! Says:

    Very nice coat. Very nice price.

  8. Stacey Says:

    Did you get a purple chemise? Also you got an awesome deal in that coat. As for work. Try not to let it ruin your day away from work. I struggle with this myself. The last couple of weeks have been hellish. Hang in there. Also I am a very non outdoors person and Pennsic does not kill me and is in fact a lot of fun. Hydration, sunblock and naps.

  9. admin Says:

    I did get the purple gown. It should come some time next week. I’ve been very happy with everything I’ve gotten from Loriann, so if any ladies would like to do some costume shopping, I highly recommend her Etsy store.

    And Travis would have so much fun at Pennsic! Sometimes I think he says he won’t go just so he can frustrate me. I promise, Pennsic is waaaaayyyy more fun than seeing me frustrated.

  10. Travis Says:

    Nothing is more fun than frustrating the womens.

  11. admin Says:

    I assure you that Pennsic is more fun! You should go!

  12. Drew Says:

    You know, you can probably frustrate plenty of women AND go to Pennsic. I take that back: I know for a fact that you can frustrate plenty of women and go to Pennsic.

    When I’m having a bad day at work, I like to give myself something that I’m working for. Sometimes it’s silly little things like new plastic hangers. Sometimes it’s bigger more fun things like this Lego R2D2 I have my eye on. I’ve also found that exercising gets some of that stress out, but I don’t know how practical that is for everyone. Some people might find it weird to decide to run yourself stupid at 1am.

  13. admin Says:

    Travis! He’s right! You should bring Tracy, and there are plenty of frustratable girls in our camp! You could spend the entire vacation frustrating women!

    I’m working on adopting an exercise routine. I’m resisting it, but it’s gotta happen. It’s time.