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This weekend we went to The International Children’s Festival to see Mirazozo! I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and now I’m not really sure how to describe it. I will start by saying it was as much fun as I hoped it would be.

The Architects of Air from the UK make these sculptures that you can walk through. They are called luminariums because the light comes through the material and makes quite the show of colors and designs on the inside. It looks silvery on the outside, but it’s all different colors, sometimes more than one at the same time, on the inside.

It was supposed to be the size of a football field, but I would say it was more the size of the outfield of a baseball field. I’m pretty accurate with this guess, since that is a baseball diamond on the right and Mirazozo is sitting in the outfield. There is more to it than what is visible in the picture.

Mirazozo is like a giant balloon with pods and passageways. It is inflated and the air pressure is keeping it up. I did not detect any support structures. We entered an airlock room to get inside so that the air pressure would not be compromised inside the maze. I saw several vents with fans blowing in air at many points inside.

Here’s a little map. I don’t think I made it to the tree part.

Here’s our welcome sheet. If you read the last line of the fourth paragraph, it will remind you to absorb the ambience. I told the kids to do that a bunch of times, but I don’t think they got it.

The interior had a real “down the rabbit hole” feel to it. There were intense colors everywhere, and no real sense of scale or perspective (except for the other people). Which way is up? It was crazy.

Me and kids, with our shoes off, so as not to harm the plastic:

The colors were strange to the eyes. It looked like we were wearing different color clothing and had different skin colors in every room, pod, and passage. In the red room, I saw green every time I blinked. When we left, the world outside looked bleached.

Up, down, sideways? I told you. Crazy.

Me and Maggie absorbed some ambience. They had some soothing music playing.

Her hair looks like it’s ringlets of fire!

Vertigo Megan!

The camouflaged toddler waits:

For the perfect moment to strike:

Her unsuspecting brother!

It’s really amazing that there were no lights inside. Everything we saw came from the sun filtering through the plastic walls, like some super stained glass window. It was very hot inside there, if you were wondering.

Someday Maggie will ask to dye her hair red or pink, and I will show her this.

I had a really nice time in there. It was definitely worth the $5 admission. It was fun to see how other people were enjoying it, too. The kids all ran around, even though we were supposed to curb their excitement to preserve the tranquillity. There were a few adults who I saw succeed at absorbing the ambience. It seemed like the sort of place where you could have a unique experience every time you visited. If you ever get a chance to walk through, I highly recommend it.

3 Responses to “Mirazozo!”

  1. Drew Says:

    Reason #12,472 that I wish I was six again. That looks like a whole lot of fun, even if I’m sure it was a million degrees in there.

  2. youjane Says:

    Nah, not with the fans blowing. It’d only be 1000 degrees.

  3. admin Says:

    It was a 90 degree day. When we got out of Mirazozo, we were like, “Yay! It’s so cool out here! We can breathe again!”

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