First post of the year!

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Happy New Year!  I’m saying it now because I wasn’t actually awake at midnight.  Yesterday had been a particularly long day and Beren went down at 11:00.  At that point I gave my husband a kiss and went to bed too.  I’m pregnant and I needed sleep!  I was briefly awake at 11:58 because Beren woke up and he was already in bed beside me, but I was sleeping again before the year turned.

I have a split lip because Beren got a bit energetic and hit me in the mouth with a metal Hot Wheels car.  It wasn’t especially painful, but there was a lot of blood because both my gum and lip were cut.  It looked especially grisly flowing over my teeth.  Yuck!  Bert put Beren in a time out while I got cleaned up and cried about it.  I couldn’t believe my little boy would hit me.  It is a hard thing to teach and a hard thing to learn – that things you do can hurt others, inside and out.

I took Beren to the Kids’ New Year’s Eve Party at the bookstore.  We made a hat, colored a train and a puppy, ate part of a cookie and drank some fruit flavored high fructose corn syrup, and listened to some stories about animals.  Beren’s interaction with the other kids is both heartwarming and heartbreaking to me.  He is so excited to play with the other toddlers and so ready to share with them.  However, they rarely understand what it is he wants them to do and they end up ignoring him.  He gave one little girl his only car (we had convinced him to leave the rest of the cars at home so they didn’t get lost among the other kids) and expected her to stay and play cars with him.  Instead she took off and we didn’t get the car back until later (because Mommy is like a hawk and watched the little girl’s every move until she and a parent were close enough to retrieve Beren’s property without a misunderstanding).  Beren didn’t understand why she didn’t play with him, but he kept trying.  We sat at the table to color and a girl who told me she was 4 sat down near us to read.  She asked a few questions about Beren, like how old he was, and then she told me she was going to read a princess book, which she had in hand.  I encouraged Beren to leave her alone with her book, but he wanted her to color on his picture too.  He kept trying to give her crayons and he said, “Come on!  Paper!  Crayons!” in the most inviting and endearing voice ever.  She had no idea what he was saying and didn’t move to take the offered crayons.  He was getting upset so I finally just sat them near her and that made him happy for a few minutes.  The 4 year old kept watching Beren and soon she wanted to color too.  I told her she could share Beren’s paper, since that’s really what he wanted.  Her mother got her a fresh sheet from the stack of photocopied coloring book pages though.  She started happily coloring with the pink crayon.  Then her mother scolded her for coloring outside the lines!  She’s 4 and coloring all over the page was pleasing to her!  That sort of situation makes me uncomfortable, so I was glad that story time started soon after that.  They had a particularly animated woman reading the stories and the kids just loved her.  It reminded me of the times I read to kids while I worked at BAM.  My audience was never that enthusiastic or appreciative, but I did have fun reading to them.  Another little girl told everyone about when she was younger and her family didn’t have a house, so they went to the woods, but they were too little to make a tent, so they searched until they found a cave, but it was too creepy to live in.  I thought it was funny, but the mother looked embarrassed.  I don’t doubt the girl can remember a time before they lived in their current house and they probably even went camping, but these didn’t look like the kind of people who ever had to go roughing it in a cave for lack of a place to live.  We left before they gave out the favors, which were candy canes.  I just don’t think Beren’s old enough to be trusted with something like that.

At home Beren had a terrible accident, but somehow he is okay.  We were getting ready to make a pretzel with the bread machine on the table while Bert was at work.  As usual, Beren was playing with cars close by while I started to organize ingredients.  I went into the kitchen to get some water and I heard disaster strike in the dining room.  It seems Beren decided to hang on the edge of the table and the leg broke and the whole table went down on top of him.  Our table is old and it wasn’t in great shape to begin with.  It has legs that come down out of the center and it has supports that stick out.  So his weight and the angle were enough to actually snap a leg off the already shaky table.  It didn’t take me long to get to Beren because I was only standing 10 feet away, but I couldn’t even see him at first.  The edge of the table landed on his cheek and then everything that was on the table slid down and hit him!  The bread machine, 5 pound bags of sugar and flour, raw eggs, a picture frame, a couple 2 liters of Pepsi, and other things.  It didn’t take me long to get him out and he was really screaming.  I was sure we’d be off to the ER immediately for some facial reconstructive surgery.  But, somehow he was okay.  I think maybe some of the things falling off the table didn’t hit him.  He did get several red marks on his head, chin, and arms that faded after a while.  The only lasting evidence is the place on his cheek where the heavy wooden table hit him.  It doesn’t even seem to be bruising.  After the incident, I held him for a long time and finally he got tired of that and laid down on the sofa.  He was really subdued and not talking like he usually does.  He even let me apply a bag of frozen vegetables to his face.  I stared at him intently to see if there would be any change.  Finally he got annoyed with me doing that and he asked, “Are you all right?”  I knew he would be okay at that point because he said it like he meant to say, “I’m okay, quit looking at me like I’m about to explode!”  He talked to Daddy and Mum Mum on the phone after that and then I let him play in a bubble bath for a while.  He seemed fine after that.  Although, he did have a rough night.  He was up hourly after midnight.  I wonder if he was having bad dreams about the table.  I think he felt like he did something wrong because he kept telling me he’d help clean it up and he tried to lift the broken table as soon as I let him in the room.  We usually make him help clean up messes that he makes, you see.  I got it cleaned up while he rested on the sofa though.  I was especially worried that there might be glass from the picture frame (there wasn’t) or other things he could get hurt on.  I can’t believe the only measurable damage from this event is a red mark on his cheek, some broken eggs, and some spilled flour and sugar.  And the broken table, of course.  I think Beren is quickly getting over any mental effect the accident had.  Now that Bert’s here to help turn the table over, I think we can do a temporary fix on it until we get a new table.  I want a stable table with legs that go down from the four corners for our next one!

I think we’ll take down the Christmas tree today because I’ve been wondering when it’s going to fall over on Beren.

Humans like to forget that we’re animals too, but being pregnant and a mother really makes you remember.  Listening to my body and my instincts at this time seems so natural and important.  Eat, sleep, eat more – that sort of thing.  I’m waiting for the nesting instinct to kick in because it means I’ll have a really clean house!  My sense of smell is keener with pregnancy and it tells me things too, mostly where food is.  Being a mom brings out the animal in me too.  I feel like a predator defending her young when we are out sometimes.  When Beren was trapped under the table and everything that used to be sitting on it, I didn’t even think about how heavy things were and my stomach didn’t get in the way at all.  Later I found the measuring cup and other things I had been holding on the floor in the kitchen, where I apparently threw them without realizing it.

After Bert got home and things were calm, we watched the first half of Wall-E and went to bed early.  Well, I think Bert stayed up, but he doesn’t celebrate New Year’s Eve unless I make him.

So here are my resolutions:  All of the normal ones that I break every year – to lose weight (or at least be healthy, since I can’t start losing weight until June), waste less, save money, and all of that sort of thing.

To prepare for and take the GREs so I can apply for and go back to school in 2010.

Maintain some identity that isn’t just being a mother.  I’ve been thinking about self image a lot lately.

Here’s the big one – to actually get into writing this year.  I know I can do it and it makes me happy, so I don’t see why it’s such a big problem for me.  I have to stop being afraid that I’m not good enough to do it and just do it!  A good friend invited me to join her online writing forum last week and I might take her up on that offer.  She likes this group a lot and she has 30,000 words of her book written.  I don’t mind saying I’m a little jealous!  Hard work pays off, though, and that’s the only way I’m going to do it.  I have about 100 pages of my book written, but it’s taken me years.  Plus, all of that is unedited, raw material, which means I have a long, long way to go.

Well, I hope everyone has a great 2009.  I know we will because we’ll get another baby!

2 Responses to “First post of the year!”

  1. jo Says:

    2008 went out with a bang for you guys! I am SOOOOOOOO glad Beren is OK! That story sent chills down my spine, especially the list of items on the table that rained down on him. And you too! How is your lip? Abby had decked us both a couple of times already. It is amazing how strong they are.

    Looks like we will both be studying for the GRE this year. I spent some time New Year’s Eve studying the math part. I don’t think we have to do too well at the math, but I would like to not really embarrass myself.

    What is the online writing forum? That sounds like a great idea.

  2. admin Says:

    My lip is fine now, but I have a big bruise on my wrist that I am pretty sure happened while I was clearing debris off Beren. It was like I had super strength, but not the ability to avoid hurting myself or care if I got hurt.

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