Posted by admin on September 16th, 2012 filed in General

We had a bad week. A really, really hard week. Lots of challenges. Let’s hope this one is a better one.

A couple cool things are on the horizon. I had two rolls of film developed. We’ll see the results today. I have a third roll that is ready to be developed, but I’m really nervous the photo lab will mess it up because of all its special considerations (double exposures, long exposures, panoramic pictures, exposure over the entire film, not just the normal area – all these things freak out photo lab attendants). I’ve been putting off the whole thing.

I’ve printed out the most recent version of that book I was writing. Harper Voyager is taking unagented submissions next month. I’m going to work on it a little. I’ve been sitting on it for almost two years now, so I really have nothing to lose by sending it out.

I got to see a 3D printer last night. It was completely awesome.

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  1. Aloysius Says:

    Sorry you had a rough week. I can’t wait to see the new photos!