I super mommed so hard today!

Posted by admin on June 17th, 2013 filed in General

Got up at 5:00, got ready for work. Got Beren up, success! Got Maggie up, was informed she had “eye boogies,” fail. And I was all, “I guess this is happening.” Shined light at her, didn’t see any of the tell-tale pink associated with pink eye, just the nasty discharge. Called pre-school, they said they wouldn’t take her without a prescription or a doctor’s clearance. Called Mom, she said she could watch Maggie and work from home, which is some mighty find super momming on her end too. Packed up items for Maggie to use during the day. Got both kids ready and, after realizing booster seat was missing and installing old car seat, into the car. Dropped Beren off at school, which involves getting Maggie out of, and then back into, the car seat. Took Maggie to Mum Mum’s house, enjoyed bout of pre-schooler car sickness on the way. Dropped off Maggie and went to work. Worked for 8 hours through such delights as back-to-back meetings, engineering’s befuddlement over how things really work down in production, and everyone’s favorite – “one thing changed, so let’s all forget the basic principles of how we do our jobs!” Left work and got Beren. Went to Mum Mum’s. Swapped kids, so Mum Mum had Beren and I had Mags. Took Maggie to Children’s Hospital’s Express Care. There she charmed the doctor and he told us she has an ear infection, and all the sinus drainage and eye discharge are related. Drove back to Mum Mum’s, collected Beren, got to pharmacy with 9 whole minutes to spare before they closed! Got home, after clocking about 3 1/2 hours of driving time throughout the day. Since round two of throw up happened on the way home, washed car’s resident spit-up bucket with soap, and then mouth wash, because it needed it. Got all kids and stuff inside the house, bathed both kids, medicated one, and put both in bed. Finally settled for some dinner and blogging, where I made poor dietary choices. Now I just need to take the trash out, pack lunches for tomorrow, and find some clothing for the morning and I will go to bed!

2 Responses to “I super mommed so hard today!”

  1. Stacey Says:

    Wow. Just wow. I think I would have collapsed half way into that day like an unhappy soufflé. I don’t know how you do it.

  2. admin Says:

    Well, the poor dietary choices help…

    Most days aren’t like that. This hasn’t been the greatest week. I was near tears at work both yesterday and today. I had a good talk with my boss today, and that seems to have made some things feel a little better though.