Pennsic is WHEN?!

Posted by admin on June 22nd, 2013 filed in General, Pennsic

It just occurred to me, panicky epiphany style, that Pennsic is next month! I should start getting ready! Do any of the kids’ Pennsic clothes still fit? Does any of my garb fit? How many paychecks left before Pennsic…

2 Responses to “Pennsic is WHEN?!”

  1. Lindsay W. Says:

    I know! I’ve been trying to get sewing done, but I still have two projects that I haven’t even started yet. And then I get to worry about buying food…

    On the plus side, Home Depot had camp chairs on sale, so we got two good chairs for less than 20 bucks total. I think my old chair finally died, and Eric’s camp chair won’t make it a week.

  2. admin Says:

    I haven’t even thought about sewing yet. Well, I have had the thought, “Oh. I should start sewing.” But that’s it.

    That’s a real win on the camp chairs! I think my camp chair and Beren’s camp chair are still okay. Maggie’s chair suffered so much abuse (toddler love hurts!) over the last year that she’ll need a new one.